Rights and Responsibilities of Computing Users

University of Missouri - St. Louis

Adopted by the UM-St. Louis Senate, July, 1993

As part of its educational and research missions, the University of Missouri-St. Louis strives to provide quality computing facilities. These include large and small systems, communication networks, and personal computers, as well as associated software, files and data. Although computers affect how individuals communicate and interact with each other, computers do not change underlying societal values and established individual rights with respect to personal privacy and ownership of property. Computing facilities are recognized as community resources. Each computer user, therefore, is expected to act responsibly so as not to violate the rights of others.

Listed herein are certain responsibilities and the ethical behavior expected of each computer user. The guidelines presented here reflect U.S. Copyright Law, State of Missouri Statutes, and additional specific rules imposed by the Campus. The Office of Computing and Networking Services and the Office of Student Affairs maintain current copies of the pertinent federal and state statutes available for reference.

U.S. Copyright Law and Software Licensing

State of Missouri Law: 569.093 - 569.099 Cum Supp RSMo 1992

Missouri State law makes illegal the unauthorized access and interference with computer systems or computer data, corruption or destruction of computer data and interference with other computer users. To be in compliance with the State statutes, follow the procedures listed below.

If you violate these statutes, you may be criminally charged with a misdemeanor or felony. You may also be liable for compensatory damages and attorneys' fees in a civil lawsuit. 537.525 RSMO Cum Supp 1992

University of Missouri - St. Louis Standards of Conduct

Computer access is granted to an individual and may not be transferred to, or shared with another person without explicit authorization from the Coordinator of Campus Computing, the Director of the Office of Computing and Networking Services, or the appropriate system administrator.

All computer users are expected to observe ethical behavior in the use of University equipment and services. Examples of unacceptable behavior include:

No person may use University computing resources for any illegal or unauthorized act. In particular, individuals may not use computing resources to violate any state or federal laws or any regulation of the University of Missouri - St. Louis, including, but not limited to, any laws or regulations governing: the creation, dissemination or possession of pornography or other illegal documents or images; the possession or use of programs, files or instructions for violating system security; and the violation of copyright law.

All users of University computing equipment and services are expected to observe the rights of users. Examples of unacceptable behavior include:

All user files are subject to examination and deletion by the appropriate system administrator without notice to the user in the process of maintaining system integrity.

Administrators of individual systems and/or laboratories may impose additional restrictions upon their use. Individuals should check with the appropriate administrators or their representatives to determine any additional rights and responsibilities.

Disciplinary Action

Access to computing resources is contingent upon prudent and responsible use. Inappropriate use of computing services and facilities will not be tolerated and may result in loss of computing privileges. In addition, disciplinary and/or legal action will be pursued for violation of these codes and statutes through appropriate University procedures. To obtain additional information regarding the procedures and additional sanctions, students should refer to the Student Conduct Code, faculty should refer to the Faculty Handbook and staff should refer to the Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual.

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