ATP Rejection Letter

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20888-001

October 24, 1994

Dr. Brad J. Cox
Coalition For Electronic Markets
6603 Pelhams Trace
Centreville, VA 22020

Reference: Proposal Number 94-06-xxxx

Thank you for submitting the referenced proposal under the Advanced Technology Program's (ATP) Component-Based Software Competition 94-06. Forty full proposals were received prior to the August 4 deadline for this competition. These were reviewed for technical and business merit in accordance with the published criteria. Your proposal was one of 18 that qualified as semi-finalists and were invited to oral reviews. Your proposal, however, was not among the 11 that were deemed to have sufficient merit for award. I have enclosed a copy of the announcement describing those selected for awards. We are pleased with the quality of the successful proposals. Additional projects could have been funded had more proposals satisfied the ATP criteria. We were particularly disappointed that we were unable to fund any proposals in the areas of revenue collection or of commercial security. These areas, as well as more mainstream areas of component-based software technology, will be emphasized in future solicitations of this program.

The ATP office offers oral debriefings to all applicants who submitted proposals to this competition. This is an important step in our selection process because it provides companies with the results of the technical and business evaluations, and helps them form strategies for future competitions. A member of the ATP staff will be assigned to conduct a single party or conference telephone call debriefing. He or she will contact you to arrange for a mutually convenient time during November 1994. One telephone debriefing per proposal will be provided; therefore, you are encouraged to arrange a conference call when all members of your proposing team can participate. We plan to complete verbal debriefing before the end of December 1994.

Thank you again for your interest in the Advanced Technology Program. David A. Fisher
Chairman, Source Evaluation Board
Competition 94-06


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