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Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 09:02:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dick Bell 

April 28, 1995

A Message from the National Chairman of the Democratic National

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma tragedy, Americans are asking how
our society became so violent, how we can build more peaceful
communities, and how such a horrifying act could have been
committed against so many innocent people.  

I am writing to you because there are organized efforts in this
country that spread hatred and encourage violence in our 
communities.  These purveyors of hate are working nonstop to
intimidate law enforcement efforts and create a climate of

Just recently, the national talk show host and Watergate felon G.
Gordon Liddy instructed his radio listeners how to kill federal
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officials.  He urged his audience to
"kill the sons of bitches" by shooting them in the head. 
(Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 2/24/95)  

In addition Liddy told his listeners how to construct a bomb using
ammonium nitrate, diesel fuel and dynamite.  He specifically said:
"And that would do enormous work; the work would either take out a
wall of a quarry, or take out that building." (Dallas Morning News,

In San Francisco, radio listeners on KSFO recently heard talk show
hosts speak of "lynching a few liberals" and encouraging listeners
to "shoot illegal immigrants who come across the border."
(Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 2/24/95)

And radio talk show host Chuck Baker called for "an armed
revolution" against the government weeks before one of his
listeners fired nearly 30 bullets at the White House.  (Minneapolis
Star-Tribune, 2/24/95)

These are just a few examples of some of the venom spewed on the
airwaves.  Other organized groups also are spreading hatred and
encouraging violence. (See the attached document for further

In a recent letter appealing for contributions, the National Rifle
Association likened federal law enforcement agents to Nazi
stormtroopers and implied that citizens need to arm themselves
against the government.  The NRA said: "Not too long ago, it was
unthinkable for Federal agents wearing Nazi bucket helmets and
black storm trooper uniforms to attack law-abiding citizens."

This sort of violent speech should be repugnant to all Americans. 
And there is clearly a connection between such hateful diatribes
and the escalation of violence that our country has experienced.  

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to work to end
this uncivil discourse before more innocent lives are lost.  Today
I am writing to urge everyone to speak out against those who
threaten the civility of our society.  Our voices are stronger than
theirs if we make them heard.  I encourage you to:

     * send letters to your local newspapers calling for an end to
       these efforts to incite violence;

     * call your local radio stations and tell them that you      
       want the purveyors of hate to be held accountable for their

     * call or write to your elected officials and tell them you
       want them to work toward ending these efforts to destroy our
       communities; and,

     * organize local efforts in your communities to protest      
       against the irresponsible media outlets that put this      
       garbage on the air.

Many people are profiting by distributing these hateful attacks. 
Media organizations make money this way, talk show hosts get rich,
and the NRA's bank account increases when more people buy guns to
wage war on the government.  All of them have an incentive to
continue to fan the flames of hatred.  And we have an incentive --
the protection of our families -- to stop them.  

Together we can work to ensure that our society adheres to rational
and civil discourse.   We have no choice but to act now to ensure
that we remain a peaceful and law abiding society.  

Thank you for acting as a concerned citizen.


Don Fowler
National Chairman
Democratic National Committee


                             PURVEYORS OF HATE

 G. Gordon Liddy: How to Make a Bomb at Home and "Kill the sons of

"Kill the sons of bitches" with "Head Shots": Liddy, who has
expressed sympathy for right-wing militias, told his listeners how
to kill federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents: "They've got
a big target on there -ATF.  Don't shoot at that because they've
got a vest on underneath that. Headshots, head shots." Later in the
program, Liddy said: "Kill the sons of bitches." [Minneapolis
Star-Tribune, 2/24/95]

Liddy revised advice -- Shoot ATF Agents in the "Groin Area": At an
April 25 press conference, Liddy revised his advice.  "You shoot
twice to the body,center of mass, and if that does not work, then
shoot to the groin area. They cannot use their -- move their hips
fast enough, and you'll probably get a femoral artery, and you'll
knock them down at any rate." [New York Post,4/27/95] 

Liddy Tells Radio Audience to "Shoot Back": On April 19, Liddy said
that,although he is a longtime critic of the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), he has never advocated violence against
the federal agency. However, Liddy said he does believe people
should "shoot back" if they are subject to an attack by the ATF.

"Anybody who has listened to me knows that I have not advocated at
any time blowing up the ATF, the building they're in, or anything
else like that. What I have said is that if you are subject to a
lethal attack... by the ATF,have a prearranged cellular call for
members of the militia who can come and protect you.  And if they
shoot, try to kill you, shoot back.  Save your life. That's

Liddy also said that if any connection is established between the
Branch Davidian anniversary and the Oklahoma City bombing it should
"wake up Congress" to hold oversight hearings on the role of the
ATF.  Such hearings would "get to the bottom of Waco... and the war
against the American people,"he said, especially "if they're going
to sit there and twiddle their thumbs when they should be holding
hearings to get to the bottom of Waco... and the war against the
American people."  [Dallas Morning News, 4/20/95]

Liddy Supports "militias": Liddy told the Dallas Morning News that
callers to his show have expressed interest in forming local
militias to help protect against attacks by federal agents.

"And what I said is that if you're going to make an arrangement
like that,you should have a pre-authorized signal that you can use
via a cellular telephone, so that if they cut your phone wires, you
can be in touch with your friends in the militia.   And if you're
under assault by these people,the militia can come and surround
them and force them to cease and desist."[Dallas Morning News,

Liddy Tells Audience How to Make Bombs at Home: Liddy also
described for listeners how to construct a bomb - using ammonium
nitrate, diesel fuel and dynamite.

"And that would do enormous work, the work would be either take out
a wall of a quarry, or take out that building," he said.  After the
show, Mr. Liddy defended those remarks: "That is common knowledge. 
Have you ever heard of anything called The Anarchist Cookbook?  I
can tell you how to make an atomic bomb, too." [Dallas Morning
News, 4/20/95]

Liddy used drawings of President and Mrs. Clinton as targets: Liddy
has announced on his radio show that he uses drawings of the
President and Mrs.Clinton for target practice.  "I thought it might
improve my aim," said Liddy, "It didn't."  He added, "Having said
that, I accept no responsibility for somebody shooting up the White
House." [Washington Post, 4/26/95]

North Carolina "Militia" Group Quotes Liddy's "Meet Force with
Force": North Carolina militia leader Albert Esposito has repeated
Liddy's alleged statement about the new crime law's assault weapons
ban: "[Liddy] said, 'If they pass it, don't obey it.  And if they
come after you, meet force with force.'

"According to the Anti-Defamation League, Esposito's Citizens for
the Reinstatement of Constitutional Government is a mixture of
anti-government,religious and conspiratorial ideas -- supporting
the Bible and the Constitution, while resisting the New World Order
and removing "treasonous politicians and corrupt judges".  The
group is encouraged to amass caches of the "Four B's": Bibles,
bullets, beans and bandages.  Many members own semiautomatic
weapons, including AR-15s and AK-47s. [Anti-Defamation League
report, "Armed and Dangerous: Militias Take Aim at the Federal

Chuck Baker: "Armed Revolution" Ideas Prompt Duran Attack on White

Chuck Baker speaks to "Patriot" movement: Chuck Baker is a Colorado
Springs,CO radio talk show host.  His show follows Rush Limbaugh
for three hours on KVOR in Colorado Springs.  As the Minneapolis
Star-Tribune described it,"While Limbaugh speaks to the
conservative movement, Baker speaks to the"patriot" movement about
forming guerrilla squadrons and taking out the"slimeballs" in
Congress. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 2/24/95]

Duran Allegedly Inspired by Baker: Francisco Martin Duran's defense
forensic psychiatrist Neil Blumberg testified in court that Duran
attacked the White House in part due to revolutionary ideas about
the government Duran heard from radio talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh
and Chuck Baker. [States NewsService, 3/27/95]

Baker Backs "Armed Revolution" Against U.S. Government: Last
August, Linda Thompson of the "Unorganized Militia of the United
States" came on Baker's show to advocate an armed march on
Washington to remove the "traitors" in Congress: "We have 2 million
U.S. troops, half of them are out of the country. . . All of the
troops they could muster would be 500,000 people. They would be
outnumbered 5 to 1 if only 1 percent of the country went up against

Baker, broadcasting from a gun shop, responded positively - telling
his guest that soldiers "would come over to our side."  

A week later, a caller urged the formation of organized militias
and asked,"Who do we shoot? Other than Kennedy, Foley and Mitchell,
the others are borderline traitors. They're the kingpins right now,
besides the Slick One(Clinton)... You've got to get your ammo." 

Baker's response was sympathetic: "Am I advocating the overthrow of
this government?... I'm advocating the cleansing." Citing the power
of the "masses in rebellion," he asked: "Why are we sitting here?" 
Later that day, a caller accused Baker of advocating "armed
rebellion." The talk host corrected her: "An armed revolution."

Inspired by Baker, Baker listener Duran and scores of other
listeners called  a local Congressional office in August to oppose
an assault weapons ban. So many calls were irate or obscene that
Duran's threat to "go to Washington and take someone out" went

Weeks later, in October, Duran fired nearly 30 bullets at the White
House.[Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 2/24/95]

Baker Takes Leave, Not Responsibility: After the Denver Post
reported unsubstantiated rumors that Duran was inspired by Baker's
show, the radio host took a leave of absence this month.

Talking about his decision on the air, Baker was quoted by the
Denver paper as saying: "So what if the jerk, the wacko, the creep
that shot the WhiteHouse said that?  If this man thinks I or Rush
Limbaugh are the reason he went out there, he needs psychiatric
counseling in the first degree."

KVOR general manager Donn Seidholz said, "We have no proof
whatsoever that Duran listened to the show." He acknowledged,
however, that "we could have influence on people's behavior." "Do
we take responsibility for it? No,"Seidholz said. [The Sunday
Gazette Mail, 11/27/94]

Rush Limbaugh: Second Violent Revolution Is Coming 

Second Violent Revolution: Two months ago, Limbaugh (while talking
about property rights and "environmental wackos" said that the
"second violent American revolution is just about -- I got my
fingers about a quarter of an inch apart -- is just about that far
away.  Because these people are sick and tired of a bunch of
bureaucrats in Washington driving into town and telling them what
they can and can't do with their land." [Washington Post, 4/25/95]

Talk Radio Encouraging Violence Against Sarah Brady, Liberals and

Sarah Brady should be "put down" like an animal: In Phoenix, KFYI
"hot talk"host Bob Mohan declared that gun control advocate Sarah
Brady "ought to be put down. A humane shot at a veterinarian's
would be an easy way to do it." 

"Lynch a few liberals": In liberal San Francisco, KSFO - owned by
ABC/Capital Cities - recently abandoned its diverse lineup of talk
hosts and switched to"hot talk." It's all right, all the time.  Now
San Franciscans can hear hosts who speak of "lynching a few
liberals" and encourage listeners to "shoot illegal immigrants who
come across the border" for reward money. [MinneapolisStar-Tribune,
NRA National Campaign Against the BATF -- Government "thugs" can
"kill us":

NRA April 1995 Solicitation Says Weapons Ban Allows Government to
"Kill Us":An April 1995 NRA direct mail solicitation says that
"anti-gunners" have dispatched the ATF "to take away our
Constitutional rights, break in our doors, seize our guns, destroy
our property, and even injure or kill us."  It adds that, "In
[President] Clinton's administration, if you have a badge, you have
the government's go-ahead to harass, intimidate.. even murder
law-abiding citizens." [Washington Post, 4/28/95; NRA direct mail

NRA Ad Criticizes ATF: On March 1, the NRA published a full-page
advertisement criticizing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms (BATF)in the Washington Post.  On March 2, the NRA ran the
ad in USA Today.

HOUSE"and featuring two men wielding 9mm carbines in BATF uniforms,
described the AFT's "reign of storm-trooper tactics" including
"even deadly assault". "Worse yet," it says ATF's "tyrannical
record" would broaden under the recently-passed Clinton crime bill. 
The ad called on the Clinton Administration to (1) regain control
of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; (2) expose and
prosecute those guilty of civil rights abuses and(3) institute
strict policies that honor the Bill of Rights. [NRA Advertisement
in Washington Post, 3/1/95; NRA World Wide Web Site; Atlanta
Journal-Constitution, 3/5/95]

NRA Ads Ran While Rumors ATF Planned Assault on "Militias": The
NRA's full-page advertisement attacking the BATF ran during a
period in which the NRA was aware that those in the militia
movement believed the Government intended to undertake raids
against various militia groups. 

In a March 23, 1995 letter to members, the NRA noted "As early as
January of this year, NRA-ILA became aware of rumors of pending
raids by the federal government on citizen militia units.  The
rumors, circulated through various computer networks, indicated
that raids were to take place March 25, 1995.NRA-ILA began
gathering all available information on the rumored raids and
initiated several quiet attempts to either confirm or disprove the
rumors.These attempts included correspondence with key U.S.
Senators and Representatives asking for their assistance in
investigating the rumors..." 

The NRA also posted a letter from Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) to
Attorney General Janet Reno inquiring about "an impending raid, by
several Federal agencies against the `citizen's militias' groups"
and another from Sens Larry Craig (R-ID) and Lauch Faircloth (R-NC)
to Reno concerning "reports we have heard recently concerning
military training of federal law enforcement personnel." [NRA World
Wide Web Site] 

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