Objects as Property on the Electronic Frontier

by Brad Cox

Addison Wesley Publishing Company
ISBN: 0-201-50208-9

See this link ( for details about this book, including reviews and interviews with the author. This link also supports online ordering via any security-enabled browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. Here's an excerpt from the description I recently uploaded to this site:
Ever wonder how hard-working electronic frontier citizens can earn an honest living as we transition to an information age economy? What does it mean to "buy", "sell" or "own" digital property, which being made entirely of bits, can be replicated in nanoseconds and transported at the speed of light?

This book by Brad Cox, originator of the Objective-C programming language and author of "Object-oriented Programming; An Evolutionary Approach", introduces superdistribution as a radical, controversial and comprehensive solution.

Electronic editions are available on the IBM Infomarkets web.


AAHESGIT Listserv Review "This excerpt from a review of a book by Brad Cox summarizes an interesting (new?) way of thinking about the assignment and collection of fees for the use of software. I've long believed that the copyright system doesn't really fit the new digital environment, and that a new mechanism is needed to provide enough revenue for those who develop and distribute good software to enable them to keep doing so. Here's an alternative.)"

Danny Yee However much you credit Cox's diagnosis of the ailment afflicting the software industry and his suggestions for a cure, if you are interested in the future of the information economy then Superdistribution is worth a look. If it is provocative and one-sided, it is also well-argued and original.